Been thinking about Synaesthesia today. As usual.

At one of my brief stints at ‘University’ when pretending to be music student, I vividly remember catching a lecture where I was led into talking about how I thought sounds had colours and tastes. Had originally gained entry to said-university by filling out my personal statement with a theory on this and how I experienced music solely through colour, texture and smell. Was not sure if this was normal but was pretty sure it was not Freakville, Ohio either and that other people out there might experience the same thing.

Did some research today. Got bored with scientific side of it very quickly but apparently synaesthesia is most commonly defined as when people perceive letters or numbers as inherently colored.

I feel very strongly about the days of the week having colours, as do I about numbers.

For example: ‘My BrAiN sEz’ that:

Monday = Red
Tuesday = Green
Wed = Blue
Thurs = Yellow
Fri = Red
Saturday = Orangey brown
Sunday = Yellow


Three- Green (SO fucking green)
Four- Purple
Five- Red
Six- Blue
Seven- Gold/ Yellow
Eight- Deep Purple
Nine- Brown
Ten- Black
Eleven- Silver

I do not agree with the below photo. What a joke.

Also see names and people in different colours. Also feelings and countries. Also smell scents that I absolutely know do not exist in the room at that time but not sure if that relates synaesthesia or something very different.


These are the colours some freak on the internet thinks the numbers on his Barbie-Phone represent.

He is totally wrong.

What a joke.

Do any of you diamonds think like this? I love (and equally hate) to hear what colours people think of for certain days- e.g. feels so wrong when one person thinks Monday is purple when it is so obviously red. Have had fights with people in past on this. Cannot punch anyone over internet though so please feel free to leave your thoughts.


22 Responses to “SMELL IN COLOUR.”

  1. rrrich Says:

    They were talking about it on a repeat of QI last night!

    I don’t think I have it…although I agree with you on the days of the week (apart from Monday which I’m sure is Blue!)


  2. jtay2005 Says:

    Friday is deffo orange and Monday is blue i agree with rrrich on that
    don’t hurt me marina πŸ˜‰
    i do it with numbers and people more tho not colours for example i see you marina as an 8 or 6?

  3. GrayBabyOracle Says:

    Every day is negative orange for me.

  4. pop8myheart Says:

    “alexander” — what color do you see?

  5. Ryan Says:

    Hmm…interesting…it is all a bit “Freakville, Ohio” to me. I’m sure more people think this way than I realize but I’ve never thought about days or numbers being colored. Something to think about, though.

  6. Marius Moon Says:

    This happens to me mostly with letters and numbers, not so much with the days of the week.

    For example, your name for me would be:

    M= orange
    A= yellow
    R= dark blue
    I= light green
    N= beige
    A= yellow

    I know how you feel when you say you see the colours so clearly, and I have actually had discussions like “the number 2 is SO clearly blue, how can you say it’s red, are you FUCKING BLIND?!! hehe…but anyway, it’s a really interesting thing, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  7. Robin Says:

    Damn I was going to due the Blue Monday joke and someone has beaten me to it.

    Did you know that the Thrillseekers once recorded a song called Synaesthesia (Fly Away) back in 2001 ? Gosh my brain is full of useless facts. Look here it is

  8. frank Says:

    i would go for BLOO MONDAY- def neworder rool!
    saying that- i bot a 5pack of sox today WITH DAYS OF WEEK ON and AMAZINGLY- Monday and Wed are the same- tues and thursday flip- friday is orange! I GET SOME OF IT THO-
    I REM ember the grate BEEEEEEYORK saying she felt her music was like inanimate objects- pineapples and knives- etc i get that- i think of food in textures which is similar-
    enough of this back to you MARINA- always interesting and different-
    BTW- has anyone else noticed a tim finn/ split enz thang

  9. frank Says:

    btw x2- freakville ohio- is the only! plaice 2 be

  10. Mike Says:

    Must admit I’ve never gone with a colour for each day of the week. As for numbers, well!!
    1 = Strong White
    2 = Strong Yellow
    3 = Strong Green
    4 = Weak Brown
    5 = Strong Blue
    6 = Middle Orange
    8 = ???????
    7 = Middle Pink
    9 = Strong Black
    I also banged my head a lot as a kid and always rememeber the taste of Blackcurrent Liqourice whilst dizzy concussion. Is that weird or what !!

  11. Matt Says:

    what colour am i?

  12. StonedMilkChocolate Says:

    There was interesting thing in the New Yorker recently about unusual brain connections and such and they mentioned synesthesia…that it is most present in artists and that the condition usually shows a propensity to link seemingly unrelated things. That’s why these people are good at metaphors!
    ANYWAYS the article was called ‘Brain Games’ if you wanna look for it.

    ALSO! I took this color quiz thing a couple of times and its been straight on – I wonder how accurate it would be for you with all your feelings and emotions in color

  13. Marina Diamond Says:

    Alexander = Midnight purple/ blue

    Matt = Red

  14. Marina Diamond Says:

    Also, am so shocked so few people experience this? My mum said she had never heard about it until reading this and I felt like a McCrazy.

  15. Astrid Says:

    Hi Marina,

    I feel very distinct colors for people, numbers, days, anything really.

    Monday= red
    Tuesday= pale yellow
    Wednesday= orange
    Thursday= dark blue
    Friday= greyish lilac
    Saturday= silver
    Sunday= beige

    And for instance, my sister is light grey blue. My fridge is green. And I Am Not A Robot is red.

  16. Marius Moon Says:

    I Am Not A Robot is silver and light blue for me!

  17. jtay2005 Says:

    hermit the frog is a green
    im am not a robot is a light blue, sliver (i agree)
    obsessions is a black, purple
    the outsider is a yellowy, orange

    this is how i see it??

  18. Fran Loud Says:

    oh my god!! I could not help but leave a comment here… I am also a songwriter, I love your song and I could not agree more with the colours you see when you think of week days… so now I have to ask you, because my teacher and I have been speaking about this for ages… do you see colours in chords? because for me it has always worked like that, to the extent that I of course perceive songs in colours…

    major: blue
    dominants: red
    dominant/7th: yellow brownish
    major sevenths: purple, glitter
    minor sevenths + 9ths: lilac
    minor: brownish…

    and I could go on and on and on…

  19. Seej 500 Says:

    I’ve always thought of even numbers as somehow ‘good’ and odd numbers as ‘bad’. If I’m eating peanuts, for example, I prefer to eat an even number at a time. I know it’s crazy, so sometimes I’ll try to distract myself so I lose count and don’t know whether there was an even or odd number in the bag.

  20. jtay2005 Says:

    hmmm maybe you have a problem seej500 πŸ˜‰

  21. rrrich Says:

    Oh Marina…just saw this!

    Let’s go to Heston’s and try it out! πŸ˜›

  22. mclicious Says:

    I love it when someone else has minor synaesthesia! i used to make playlists based on color, because good songs definitely have a distinct shade attached to them.

    recently discovered your music after reading nylon and i think it's great!

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