Been thinking about Synaesthesia today. As usual.

At one of my brief stints at ‘University’ when pretending to be music student, I vividly remember catching a lecture where I was led into talking about how I thought sounds had colours and tastes. Had originally gained entry to said-university by filling out my personal statement with a theory on this and how I experienced music solely through colour, texture and smell. Was not sure if this was normal but was pretty sure it was not Freakville, Ohio either and that other people out there might experience the same thing.

Did some research today. Got bored with scientific side of it very quickly but apparently synaesthesia is most commonly defined as when people perceive letters or numbers as inherently colored.

I feel very strongly about the days of the week having colours, as do I about numbers.

For example: ‘My BrAiN sEz’ that:

Monday = Red
Tuesday = Green
Wed = Blue
Thurs = Yellow
Fri = Red
Saturday = Orangey brown
Sunday = Yellow


Three- Green (SO fucking green)
Four- Purple
Five- Red
Six- Blue
Seven- Gold/ Yellow
Eight- Deep Purple
Nine- Brown
Ten- Black
Eleven- Silver

I do not agree with the below photo. What a joke.

Also see names and people in different colours. Also feelings and countries. Also smell scents that I absolutely know do not exist in the room at that time but not sure if that relates synaesthesia or something very different.


These are the colours some freak on the internet thinks the numbers on his Barbie-Phone represent.

He is totally wrong.

What a joke.

Do any of you diamonds think like this? I love (and equally hate) to hear what colours people think of for certain days- e.g. feels so wrong when one person thinks Monday is purple when it is so obviously red. Have had fights with people in past on this. Cannot punch anyone over internet though so please feel free to leave your thoughts.


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