New song ‘Girls’ is now available for full streaming on my myspace!

hope u all enjoy. Actually, if you don’t it doesn’t really matter. Think you either ‘get’ this or you don’t.



  1. lovelydisco Says:

    I love Girls. It’s been stuck on repeat since Tuesday.

  2. ashleigh Says:

    Sorry! posted the last comment signed in as my boyfriend! gah! i think he’d hate the thought of me putting links to gossip sites under his name!

    everything i said previously still stands but i just realized i deleted it. bugger. hangovers + technology do not mix with me!

  3. therecommender Says:


    Q: How do we get onto your diamonds approved list?

    Mike @ The Recommender blog

  4. pop8myheart Says:

    Oh, I think I already had the song “Girls” !? But in my iTunes it was called “Girls, Girls, Girls”

    Love it, obvi!

  5. britrock Says:

    the song is really good, my favourite is still Obsessions though. Will Girls be a single in the future?

  6. Louisee x Says:

    well, i obviously ‘get’ it :).

    you really should release it marina! x

  7. GrayBabyOracle Says:

    So far I like every song I’ve heard. The album can’t come soon enough.

  8. jtay2005 Says:

    honestly at first i thought i prefered the orginal girls but now i love this version.
    i cat wait for more studio recordings 🙂

  9. Dalmazio Pacca Says:

    hey really dig your stuff atm and the blog looks amazing, easy for you to get ppl lookin at ur blog but not for me coz i got no cool tunes, u should check it out, its good stuff


  10. mo Says:

    Your music is just fantastico. We made you our “Muse of the Week”. You’ll find your German declaration of love here:

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