After the last few blogs and the comments i’ve received from people, I’ve actually done a bit of a u-turn on my thoughts on ripping music. I have deduced that:

a- people will either rip your music or they wont
b- people will either invest in an album or they wont

The most important thing is sharing your music. Music makes you feel less lonely, can help you relate and should be a commodity available to everyone, whether they can afford it or not. Its then the consumer’s choice if they want to buy it.
Times are changing and record labels are a bit slow at adapting. There will always be artists and there will always be audiences. The end.

So I think I’m gonna give away a new song on Monday morning. I will be posting a YouSendIt link on this site which will enable you to download an mp3 of said-song.

The give away will be limited to 100 copies.

Until then, have a lovely weekend shiny-ones! Im playing great escape tomorrow and am planning on getting F*CKED YP.

M x



  1. Ryan Says:

    You sound bitter about this…and yet I of course will try to get in on this because I “value” you music. Don’t worry. I won’t share. I am selfish like that 🙂

  2. ascorbic Says:

    You little tease.

  3. Matt Says:

    definitely nabbing it.

  4. Matt Says:

    definitely nabbing it.

  5. skinnyroots Says:

    Oh my goodness, this means I'll have to wake up at 5am here in the states in order for it to be morning-time where you are!

    *sets alarm* hahaha

    <3, alexander gray

  6. Conor Says:

    darling, i love you, but please, please, pop ‘guilty’ back on the myspace… i really want to listen to it! 😦
    or make it the mp3 ;D

  7. jtay2005 Says:

    im sooooo excited
    i hope you feel comfortable with this marina?
    thankyou though!!

  8. loof28 Says:

    Wooo thank you Marina! I may have to ditch an exam to be here, but I will be here to get it =P

  9. rrrich Says:

    hope i manage to get it 😦

  10. Says:

    Hope you enjoyed Brighton’s Great Escape. Was great to meet with you after your gig. Everyone was buzzing about your performance. Thanks so much…
    The Recommender (.net)

  11. Marina Diamond Says:

    Jtay2005- i would not do it if I wasn’t. That’s what this blog is for.

    Mike- Lovely to meet you yesterday

  12. Yhmbw Says:

    So we are on Monday morning… (:
    (I’m new here but I’ve been loving your music for a little while.)

  13. Hannah Says:

    I kept thinking about your post on downloading and my response got longer and longer so I decided to blog about it myself: I had some interesting findings!



  14. Bram Says:

    My friends and I share (By snail mail. Different age group – we actually remember mix tapes) but all of us buy, too… we share to introduce each other to new music, not to be alone – if we like it, we’ll buy it. Always a thrill to find something the others don’t know yet. Sales models are changing, don’t know where they’re going but there will always be people willing to spend money on good music. Any chance of a release in the NL?

  15. Robin Says:

    Hello Marina. Cool to meet you the other day @ Hoxton. There will be a review of the gig on my blog BReaking More Waves) soon. The argument about ripping could go on and on. Free music = good but IMO only when the artist has chosen to give it away. Your music so your choice I reckon. Damn I missed the free track 😦

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