On that note, say hello to The Crown Jewels EP artwork.

Artwork: By Cristiana Couceiro. (Thank you Cristiana)

Digital Release: 1st June
Physical release: 22nd June


1. I am not a Robot
2. Seventeen
3. Simplify
4. I am not a Robot (Remix)


13 Responses to “CROWN MY JEWELS.”

  1. stephanie Says:

    looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Emma Says:

    Very nice, your majesty!! *bows* My ears want this.

  3. The Bubble Boy Says:

    So exciting. How are the remixes sounding?

  4. MissAlice Says:

    verrrrry pretty 🙂

  5. jtay2005 Says:


  6. Ryan Says:

    Looks nice and quite subversively hip. Looking forward to it coming out.

  7. Cathrin Says:

    looks fantastic! i can’t wait to own this.

  8. Jamie Law Says:

    looks pretty sweet!

  9. Jamie Law Says:

    looks pretty sweet!

  10. JBleezie Says:

    Love IT! I will def purchase this on vinyl

  11. matt Says:

    Love I am Not a Robot, heard the The Shoes remix on Hew Stephens INMWT on Radio 1. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeeeee tell me the remix on here is that one?

  12. GrayBabyOracle Says:

    I love a good physical release.

  13. Catroux Says:

    The cover is amazing and I cannot wait to get it! I FUCKING LOVE YOUR MUSIC, THANK YOU FOR YOU!

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