Feeling lethargic today. Great Escape happens tomorrow and I am pretty excited. All of my friends and band are already down there and it sucks, especially when I am sat here in my dressing gown as scared as hell because I have an unexpected day off and don’t know what to do with self.

Mainly am contemplating Richard & Judy, GMTV, The Wright Stuff and other tv programmes. Also been thinking about air- kissing and how odd it is. I have to air kiss because I wear bright pink lipstick, even in my sleep, and so don’t want to get men in trouble with their girlfriends/ wives by branding them with huge pink stamps. Plus it is royal bitch to get off your face.
Have mainly been thinking about how everyone in life seems to be confusing me as to whether they kiss ONCE or TWICE. This is REALLY important because if you are giving the CEO of Fanta (for example) a kiss on the cheek and they go the wrong way/ go for two kisses, YOU MIGHT MEET IN THE MIDDLE AND ACCIDENTALLY SNOG. !

Can I just clarify to all potential air-kissers of mine now on- I kiss twice. That is what Greek people do and also one kiss seems uneven and incomplete. I am just going to stick with this and FORCE people if necessary to kiss twice. Because up until now I have tried to memorise which of my friends and aquaintances kiss once and which kiss twice. NB- Noone kisses three times. That is just pervy (if you are not French/ Belgian)

Can we all just agree to kiss twice and end the future embarassments?

Diamonds, have u ever gone to kiss someone on the cheek and accidentally gone for mouth, e.g. with your best friend’s mum or something


6 Responses to “CAREBEARS.”

  1. NMUN-Würzburg Says:

    With my best friends Mum?That’s so American Pieish;-)

    Come to Germany and play a show in wuerzburg, ok Frankfurt or Nuremberg would also be great and I promise you can kiss me twice, even with your lipstick;-)

  2. jtay2005 Says:

    haha american pieish lol
    ermm i suppose this has happened to me kinda lol, before i was ‘officially’ going out with my girlfriend, we went to hug and it ended up in a which way do you go thing, until it was sooo awkward anyway she just decided to kiss me 🙂
    now were going out, it worked out for the best 😉

  3. Ryan Says:

    Well, I am American so we don’t do the kissing hello business so much. Anyhow, you can kiss me however many times you like, Marina 😉

  4. ashleigh Says:

    my pervy friend moves his face sometimes so i kiss his mouth 😐

  5. ashleigh Says:

    my pervy friend moves his face sometimes so i kiss his mouth 😐

  6. GrayBabyOracle Says:

    I never kiss. I hug, but only once each time. The duration changes.

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