Just a quick catch up.

Played Amsterdam last night, it was faboush. Very tired + grouchy as only got 5 hrs sleep due to EasyJet calling my name at 7am this morning. Now in hotel in Leeds with some hourz to kill. Taylor Swift is on tv. She is like a rose.

I am wearing gold and black tonight. Tomorrow I play Huw Stephens fest in Manchester, then it’s Radio 1 Big Weekend next weekend (!) I am planning some glittery visuals for the show.

So some ‘real’ Diamonds Club action this week.

Preview of a brand new track coming next week PLUS an acoustic video of ‘I am not a Robot’ from ‘THE BEDROOM’.


2 Responses to “OH, AMSTERDAM.”

  1. jtay2005 Says:

    have fun with all the upcoming shows, im well looking forward to a new song 😀 eeeeeee and i am not a robot acoustic, you get me excited you do 🙂
    have fun

  2. jw Says:

    you guys were really really good at the paradiso 🙂
    enjoyed it a lot, and I was honored to be at your first non-UK performance!

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