Had a bit of a tumble the other day yall šŸ˜¦

Have been obsessed with running (this won’t last). Have been getting up at 7am everyday to go to a piece of green land known to Londoners as Play-den for The Gays a.k.a Hampstead Heath. Two days ago I got all macho and confident thinking that I could up my jogs from 45 mins to 90- that i was… SUDDENLY BORN TO RUN! I AM A BIRD! THIS DOES NOT FEEL THAT BAD! OLYMPIANS ARE HAVING IT EASY! What a dick.

I collapsed after around 56 mins in something that I can only identify as a 5 second black out. I think this was caused by not having stuffed a chocolate down my pie hole for 34 minutes. Incidentally I was listening to ‘Poker Face’ by Gag Gag. The last words I heard before ‘The Collapse’ being ‘I’ll get him hot- show him what I got’. .. Just. imagine. If I had died (blatantly in a freak joggers R’ Us death). Imagine if those had been the last words I heard. Freaked me out yall.

It reminded me of the time my friend Michael said how awful it would be if you died with a packet of Snack-a-jacks found on you. I found this a weird remark to make but I now like it and understand for reasons I cannot express well here. Do Snack-a-jacks* say a lot about life? Would YOU be bothered if they were on your personal being when found post-mortem?

What would be the most embarassing way to die? My friends and I used to think the worst way would be for the big Doc Martens boot in Camden to fall on your head.

Imagine. ‘Killed by Doc Marten’. Awful.

What food item would you least like to be found carrying ? (You cant name stuff that you dont actually eat in real life)

Thoughts pls.

PS sorry all blogs are about death. If I were Oprah Winfrey, I would tell yall that I were going through a ‘period of ‘change’. Lulzz.

*Snack-a-Jacks are a low calorie, low fat rice cake snack. Usually caked in sweet or savoury powder to fool you into thinking that they are scrumptious.


11 Responses to “SHOW THEM WHAT I GOT.”

  1. jtay2005 Says:

    this is a hard question, i need to think about it
    sorry to hear about your fall, always have something to eat even a snack šŸ™‚

  2. barney. Says:

    oh. my. god. i’ve always thought it was ‘i’ll get him hard show him what i got’. this is highly embarrassing for me. and now those weird looks all make sense…
    i would hate to die with a mcdonalds on me. just, no.

  3. jtay2005 Says:

    ok i would hate something name brand, like a brand of cheese or something, a big cringe me thinks šŸ˜€

  4. Marina Diamond Says:

    You mean like own-brand? ie. Tesco no frills chips?

  5. Stuart Says:

    I took a bit of a tumble the other day too, on Regent Street. The last thing I remember is looking up at the Zavvi sign, then everything went bright and I collapsed onto the road. Dunno why – I think it might have been lack of food-related too. Happily, I didn’t fall under a bendy bws, although I did break my collarbone. I would have hated if the last thing I’d have seen on this earth was the sign for a short-lived music retailer, though.

  6. jtay2005 Says:

    yeah i mean like something that’s a bit tacky, like cheestring, i love them but i wouldn’t like that to be my last food on me or maybe i would like bread one of the worlds necessities:D

  7. colm frictionfire Says:

    tesco chocolate sandwich bars, they come in packs of 7. sometimes i wolf them done as im falling asleep, not a good idea when you have a blocked nose.

  8. Jelmer Says:

    I can’t believe it was your first gig outside the UK yesterday. You just exploded! Thanks for the great performance. What’d you think of Amsterdam?

  9. Marina Diamond Says:

    Hey Jelmer- I loved it!! Shame I couldnt stay longer. Cant wait to come back.

  10. Jelmer Says:

    You’re always welcome to return!

  11. frank Says:

    a half eaten courgette

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