This is hot


9 Responses to “TAKE MA PICTURE.”

  1. jtay2005 Says:

    i wish i got this 😀
    but i like it alot 😀
    i want to call it jelly on a plate 🙂

  2. Kya-tic Says:

    Coincidence alert, just started listening to The Gossip’s new song (never even heard of them before), then clicked on this page and it was the lead singer… crazy.
    I admire her for being confident with herself, think she has a good voice too. Some people have all the luck ;|

  3. Neon Gold Says:

    Coincidence alert pt. deux – the chorus of the Gossip’s next single goes “DOLLAR STORE DIAMOND!” over and over again.

  4. podsticles Says:

    Yo Marinara.
    Thought I could send you a private message but guess not on this thing. About giving up smoking…I did it before Xmas. TIP: I had an inset day in the school I work in and the educational psychologist was talking about how when people (children in this case) fly into a blind rage, it takes approx 90 secs and if you can get past that 90 seconds without killing someone (or being killed) it just dissipates. So I used that when I was giving up cigarettes…just knowing that if I waited about 90 seconds the craving would be gone (and I wouldn’t have murdered anyone!). That said, I was a bitch for a week. Maybe that’ll help ya.
    Also, heard Girls Girls Girls for the first time today, praise be hype machine, and I think it’s my favourite so far. I was listening to it on repeat on the tube to work and I love it. I reckon that if it was released as a single it would have the definate potential to knock Bitch Gaga into another galaxy. It’s so catchy and clever. Loves it. Over and out.

  5. Marina Diamond Says:

    The ‘new’ version of Girls is coming soon… CANT SAY WHERE CANT SAY WHEN BUT IT IS COMING

  6. jtay2005 Says:

    oooooooo, dont be getting us all excited marina 🙂

  7. ashleigh Says:

    saw this diamond necklace and thought of you!


  8. alexander gray Says:

    she looks like an overweight vivienne westwood, no?

  9. Neon Gold Says:

    Who been blogging “Girls”? I’ll break they legs.

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