I have lost my voice due to talking and singing for 48 hrs at Camden Crawl Festival. It was worth it though. Loved all the promo and seriously loved the gigs- especially the Popjustice one.

I am now on a speech diet and therefore cannot talk for 48 hrs to ensure that i am all recovered for the 4 day festival marathon that will ensue next thursday. This is proving to be hard. But kind of nice too. Dont have to speak to people (h8 socialising) and I am being forced to do normal stuff like fry an egg, take a walk in the woods and think of new exciting ideas for The Diamonds Club.

Above is one of my new prezz shotz. It was everyone’s least favourite so I think I’m able to put it up here. The rest will be revealed soon. They are VERY colourful!

Also, something quite important.

I have given up smoking. I have wanted to for so long but each time I thought ‘ oh i’ll do it soon’, however its now been 3 years and though I only smoked 3-4 a day, I dread to think how my poor lungs look. It’s such a dirty, gross habit and I am regularly left thinking ‘whats the point’ so let’s just do something about that.
Doubt I would be able to do long tours either without getting sick, so it’s goodbye to cancer, hello to 7am jogs to get fit for the gruelling choreography i’m about to put into the shows. Singing and dancing isnt hard co-ordination-wise. But you seriously need to be fit. Dunno if people realise that? Britney is on to a good thing.

What is the hardest thing you have ever had to give up and why?


12 Responses to “MUTE ME.”

  1. Planet Music Says:

    Marina the hardest thing for me to give up is biting nails. As for yesterday you were amazing I was right in front of ur microphone. As for you being on mute you need one of those chalk boards and write what u wanna say.

    Hope the voice comes back soon

    Sam 🙂

  2. gregorsten Says:

    Good news on the stopping smoking! I guess that this will help your voice too. Your “moves” for Mowgli’s Road are pretty awesome!

    I think the hardest thing i had to give up was sucking my thumb, back when i was wee of course! How boring…

  3. ashleigh Says:

    my bf gave up smoking by reading that alan carr book. he’s given up a year this month and has no desire to start again.

    hope your voice comes back soon!


  4. Marina Diamond Says:

    gregorsten- aw..

  5. Ryan Says:

    Cliched but true answer: for me the hardest thing to give up was my first girlfriend. When she dumped me, I was ruined for about 4 months. Ok, technically, she gave me up, but you know what I mean…

  6. Neon Gold Says:


  7. barney. Says:

    i’ve never given anything up…

  8. jtay2005 Says:

    my dad, when my parents spilt i had to choose mum or dad, i chose my mum so i dont see my dad as much, that was hard 🙂
    aww the voice will be back soon
    o and i think i have been speaking to your drummer on lol 🙂

  9. alexander gray Says:

    Oh jeez, I don't know if I could quit…..

    I still like the cut, carat, color, and clarity idea for The Diamonds Club, but I'm not sure how the specifics would be worked out with that.

    Marina ___ the Diamonds,…… is it "and" or "&"?

    Love, love, love!
    -alexander gray

    P.S.- I really think I'm your number one "fan." I hate that word.. um, your number one Diamond? Oh gosh, I hope so hahahah

  10. colm901 Says:

    i had to give up work,exercise and sports, even cycling my bike untill the docs figured out what was goin on with my body. it was hard because i went from an active life to a sitting on my ass life not knowing if i had a brain tumor or some shit. turned out to be something not so bad and manageable.

  11. MissAlice Says:

    “I have given up smoking.” YAY =D
    “What is the hardest thing you have ever had to give up and why?” biting nails. Because it’s not like you can stop buying them: they are always there. Bad. Times.

  12. chris,bmth,uk Says:

    I gave up smoking more than a year ago and it was hard, but looking back doesn’t seem that bad. I had the help of a hypnotherapy session so kind of cheating really but hey why not. I basically still wanted to smoke (and still do sometimes today), but i am never tempted to do so at all. It just never makes that bridge from fantasy to the next stage of actually being tempted to do it. It’s a strange thing but believe me it worked for me. Actually i had already given up for 5 days when i did the hypno thang. I saw a lump in the back of my throat and thought i had cancer. It freaked me out and i instantly gave up. Then after 5 days i got the hypno, but it wasn’t until 7 days that my appointment came thru with the nice NHS consultant who said….guess what….”It’s just your tonsils growing back”. Whaat??? Can you believe it?? I had them out when i was 7! (I’m now 39). What the hell is going on! So there you go – a happy tonsil ending for me! Love your stuff Marina. You were amazing at the Big Weekend. I have never seen anything like it. Your performance was electrfying, you look gorgeous and your voice is exquisite. I had no idea who you were before then, and now I can’t get you singing ‘Robot’ out of my head! Big love to you, girl 😉

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