Watched the news before leaving the hotel this morning and felt bemused. News readers looked horrified as they were ‘forced’ to read out a news bulletin that pleaded for us to donate our brains to research for Parkinson’s disease. They looked so sickened and uncomfortable. What? Why?

Note: some people may find this post offensive. I’m not sure why, but if you are very religious or just touchy about death, then maybe go away for a bit. I don’t mean harm but I am interested to know what the general consensus is.

Just dont get human beings. Think it is really nonsensical that some people do not want to donate their body/ organs to medical research. How can you be so precious about offering your body parts to science when maggots will eat and shit their way through your skin, veins and internal organs when you’re buried? People need to get real. I know ritual and tradition have a lot to do with this- its a sensitive topic and I mean NO disrespect. But if scientists maybe showed people what a rotting corpse looked like after being buried for 6 months, i think everyone would feel less precious about donating their organs to a good cause. Medical research done using human bodies in the past 100 years has probably saved your life 5-6 times already. However YOU dont feel the need to give anything back because you want your corpse to remain beautiful and at peace in your minds eye? Is this not a little one sided?

Going back to the news report, why is a brain different to your heart / lungs/ legs? You will be dead.. Therefore ‘probably’ aren’t going to want to use your old body too much when you busy eating Philadelphia Light on wheat crackers with ‘Da angels’ in heaven.

What do you all feel?
Does the thought of being buried comfort you because its the normal thing to do?
Do you plan to be cremated/ other?
What made you make this decision? Family, Tradition, Religion, Personal choice?
Is being buried in a cardbox coffin’disrespectful’? Or ‘smart’ and economical?

Not saying either option is bad or good. It’s your body and its your choice what you do with it at the end of the day. Just want to hear your thoughts.



  1. ascorbic Says:

    Any decision I make would be based on what’s best for my friends or family, as they’d be the ones actually there. I’m sure it’s different for people with religious beliefs about afterlife and so on, but for me it’s all about the people left behind.

  2. Jamie Law Says:

    If i was sure it would benifit (cure diseases and that) other people like my family, friends and random people I dont know then i would definitely donate my body to science

  3. Kya-tic Says:

    I would donate all my body to science, and I want to become an organ donor for all my organs except my eyes. Don’t know why, but I don’t like the idea of someone else seeing through my corneas just makes me shudder.

    I don’t see why people would rather have their corpse rot and decompose under 6 feet of earth than use it to help people less fortunate than themselves. Corpses do no-one any good unless they’re used for medical research/donation/maggot food.

  4. Jake Says:

    When I die I intend on giving all my organs away to science/people who NEED them. Cremating the rest of me and putting my ashes into a firework and letting it off in some beautiful/tranquil place, perhaps by the sea. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust as they say…

  5. dr.sax Says:

    Would it not be better if organ donation (including brain) was compulsory and you had to opt out if it wasn’t your bag? Rather than the way it is at the moment where you have to opt in? I believe that’s what they do in Holland or Denmark or one of the other European countries that seem to be ahead of humanity in being human. I think the Govt. had a vote on this notion a while back and decided against it, possibly because our country is run religious people. Religion has no place in politics as it clouds your judgment and confuses what’s ‘right’ from what’s ‘best’ for us all.

    I like the guy who donated his skull to the RSC so he could be in Hamlet. That’s some good thinking right there. I’m going to donate my bones to China so maybe they can use them in medicine and not tigers’.

    Final thought – surely once you die your body isn’t yours anymore anyway? How can you own something when you’re dead? You cant take ity with you… wherever it is that go…

  6. Ryan Says:

    I’m an organ donor and I plan on being cremated. The thought of rotting in a box for eternity freaks me out. I would prefer to have my remains scattered in the countryside somewhere around where I grew up.

  7. eeK! Says:

    As Ryan says above, the idea of rotting inside a wooden box is retarded. It deprives nature of its natural course, and it wastes wood (or whatever the fuck your coffin is made from).

    If I wasn’t such a libertarian I’d request it be compulsory for people’s bodily parts to be used for scientific research after death.

    Though, technically, the brain can actually remain active for about 24 hours after the body has shut down. So scientifically, there is a ‘life after death.’ Only if you call electrical signals in the brain ‘life’ though.

  8. Marina Diamond Says:

    Interesting… very interesting.. I am glad i am attracting a brain-donating audience. ❤

  9. gregorsten Says:

    Its interesting becasue a leaflet for donating organs came through my door yesterday with my new Health Insurance Card (rather pessimistic!) and i have been mulling it over.

    I think that i already give my blood to help save others, so why not my organs that i won’t even need anymore? I want to be cremated so that i take up less room, so the organs wouldnt exist in me anymore anyway…

    But maybe donating my actual brain would be a bit weird? What if you’re thoughts and memories and stuff were still in there? Would it be me alive again but in a strange place? I wouldn’t know anyone, or feel right in my body. Would i think i was in heaven (or hell!)?

    But other bittys – A-OK!

  10. colm901 Says:

    i wish they made a back to the future part 4 😦

  11. Samscam Says:

    I’m absolutely having all of me given to medical science… I have a close relative with Parkinsons, have the slim prospect of developing it myself in years to come and would be more than happy for my dead body to help others have a better quality of life. (Reminder to self – must make a will and carry a card to said effect)

    Though if we’re doing _real_ gross-outs… anyone want to try eating human flesh when I die?

  12. Samscam Says:

    Ok so I’m not really being serious about that last bit – but the point is that it is really the absolute right of an individual to specify what should be done with their remains.

    And of course up to those left behind to put it into practice – if you’ve ever had to deal with the death of a friend or relative you’ll know that this is rarely simple. Major differences in belief-systems get rucked up and things don’t necessarily go as planned. But that’s life… and death…


  13. Neon Gold Says:

    h8 sharing but h8 rotting too. will probs donate me to science.

  14. Marina Diamond Says:

    Lol, Derek, Lol.

  15. Neon Gold Says:

    h8 science too actually. donating my body to lulz.

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