Went to dentists today. £546 of pain. Getting my teef done. Gonna be pretty in 5 more appointments time (My family tooth DNA is that bad).

Thought it was gonna hurt. Didnt at all. And when it did, actually felt kinda nice. Like the pain that occurs when you get your leg waxed: at first you are shocked and keep telling yourself ‘ just fucking walk out of the room, just go right now whilst the beautician’s back is turned’. Then the pain feels nice and you want it MORE & MORE.

Its interesting how we are all so hair-ist. As if women were meant to be magical hairless beings. Not shaving your legs is like nature’s chastity belt for slutty gals yall.

Lol everything very hilarious tonight.

What happened today yall?

I did a shoot today for French fashion mag MIXTE. Stood freezing cold on the roof of a warehouse in Hackney Wick with soaking wet hair wearing a mans coat. Wonder if they sell MIXTE in the uk. Wonder what will be my first cover shoot. I really hope it is something like Pyschologies. I LOVE that mag.

Tomorrow Im going in to BBC 1 to record my first ‘jingle’ for Radio 1’s Big Weekend. I would like to be friends with radio presenters more than i would like to be friends with pop stars and indie bands. Because I feel like I know them already and because they always sound friendly.

I then have a rehearsal with my musicians in afternoon. Then go home, pack for tour and call momma. I am leaving for Scotland on thursday morning. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heart tour. I heart performing. I heart you.


7 Responses to “HURTED MY MOUF.”

  1. seven0x7jadore Says:

    baaahaha funny you should mention this hairy chastity belt theory. i so would leave my legs unshaven during teenish years 15-17 at parties to prevent me from giving up my v-card. true story.

  2. colm frictionfire Says:

    i got a filling less than a year ago but it came out over 2months ago, the nerve is almost dead, i still get a little pain when i chew food on the left side lol, at 1st it was horrible sharp pain right up to the top of my head and on the side of my face, i had to drink with my head tilted to the side or swallow very carefully. ill have free med care soon and get it sorted, pain will have been worth it!
    got ripped off when i was a kid, cost over 2500euro to get some teeth straightened on the top, i hated my dentist.

    ive never been waxed but ive been nair’d and i got a bad chemical burn, hurt for 4days. now im back to the magnum pi look

    have you been practicing your radio voice?

  3. Bombazine Doll Says:

    I wish I lived in Scotland… then I could come see you perform. But alas, I live in the USA, so you need to get over here soon!! The great, boring state of Ohio mainly.

    I had braces for about a year and a half to straighten out my teeth. The wires would get caught on the inside of my cheeks when I ate, and rip the skin. I’d then starve myself because it was too painful to chew and bite the section of my cheek I hurt already. I would have loved to get my teeth all fixed up in a few appointments. But they are nice now, and I shouldn’t complain.

    I wonder if I can listen to your radio gig online? Hmmmm… I hope I can.

  4. ascorbic Says:

    Poor, confused Radio 1 call you “they”.

  5. Marina Diamond Says:

    WHAT! Haha. I guess people get confused. I sometimes feel grammatically incorrect when saying "Hi, im Marina & the Diamondz"

    Thanks 4 your dentist nightmare stories yall. Thanks for making me puke ❤

  6. joetayjoe Says:

    this is funny as i like the pain of the dentist and stuf :), i totally get what you mean bombazine doll, when i had braces they would rip my cheeks, there still sore a few months after :S
    hurry up and do a gig in manchester, im coming to see you preform at topman ctrl :D:D:D:D
    happy days 🙂

  7. Kerr Says:

    Yahhh coming to surprisingly sunny Glasgow!

    Hope I bump into during the day, always wanted to force some banter on someone I’m seeing that night and just wants to see Europes tallest cinema.

    Its quite tall!

    Hopefully bump into you 😀

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