Want to say thank you to The Diamonds.

Want to say your advice on yest’s post gave me perspective and I feel much better now. I think I panic too much and i know that. This just all means so much to me though and i would prefer to not exist than fail
I think the ‘The Diamonds Album Club’ will become ‘The Diamonds Club’. A place for yall of us. I am aiming to get something in place as soon as i can. For now, I have a private Twitter under TheDiamondsClub. I will give all Diamonds Club private updates from there when the club is born! (kicking in the womb right now)


I have been listening to Royksopp album all day. It is the best thing I have heard in ages.

“The girl and the Robot” ft. Robyn- Royksopp it makes me feel sick inside. It invades and penetrates your stomach i swear. The chord changes almost make my intestines grind. I cant describe why but thats why it is so v special.

Hot like Fire- by The XX. You NEED to check this duo out. They are excellent.

Pieces of You- by Wolfgang . Super classic, super good.

Whole f*cking album- by Erik Hassle. It is the ultimate pop album of the year (by a guy ofcourse <3)

Love you Diamonds x


9 Responses to “THE DIAMONDS CLUB.”

  1. Ryan Says:

    How do you have the Hassle album? I want it so badly. Do I have to order it from Sweden or some such? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Hurtful is #1 on my iTunes but I need more!

  2. Marina Diamond Says:

    My friend bought it off of itunes before he got all buzzed about. Then his label took it down swiftly. I hope it doesnt get re-jigged too much. IT IS SO, SO GOOD.

  3. Ryan Says:

    And here all I have are two songs…grumble grumble..

  4. Planet Music Says:

    what is the twitter there is no results for TheDiamondsClub. Anyways the xx are a cool band. Cant wait to see you on the camden crawl

    Sam 🙂

  5. skinnyroots Says:

    I love the idea that you’re kind of on twitter again! I love The Diamonds Club, the name is perfect! Beats “Team Diamond,” hahaha

    Alexander Gray (from myspace!*~)

  6. Marina Diamond Says:

    Love you A Gray x

  7. The Bubble Boy Says:

    Bat For Lashes and Royksopp are my faves this year. What I’ve heard of Erik Hassle is promising too. I look forward to hearing his album.

    Have you heard As In RebekkaMaria?? Her album is a year or so old but she’s whopper.

  8. sam Says:

    i love you and i love your music.

    how can i get in on the diamonds club?

  9. Devian Says:

    Gosh Marina, you are SOOOO right! Royksopp album is the best and I had no idea Robyn was on that song…I just knew I loved that song so much.

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