In the beginning, Lady Gaga made me feel like this.

I thought her music, her looks, her packaging, her ‘message’ was tired, contrived and fake. I felt unable to relate to it and even though I could see that on paper she ticked off all the pop star boxes, the whole thing seemed to lack genuine meaning and soul. The fact that the whole album was based around fame/ celebrity/ material goods/ modern society seemed hollow and boring. However.. I have absolutely changed my mind. I might even go far as saying that she is extremely intelligent and is the closest thing we have had to a conceptual pop artist since the days of Madonna.

Why The Gaga Project works?

She is the embodiment of our society’s obsessions/ desire for ‘celebrity’ culture and is the epitome of the word ’empty’. Growing up in a world where the media chooses to document a star’s 5lb weight gain over a presidential election feels weird to many of us and she is the product of living in a world where money, glamour and status are favoured over everything else until life begins to lacks meaning.She feels like the poster child of ‘fake’ celebrity / ‘fake’ stardom and ‘fake’ glamour. Though she is a star. It is a contradiction within a contradiction and this is what makes her so good. She represents the hollow desire that I think a lot of young people have these days to Be somebody/ Be Famous/ Be rich/ Be beautiful/ Because being ‘you’ is not enough.

So. I still dont ‘love’ her but I find her interesting, hardworking and talented. Even though her verses and choruses sometimes feel a little bit ‘cut and paste’ like she has just sat in a studio and been told to write a pop song, i don’t mind. Even if you stripped her of all her shingaling, she would be normal/almost unattractive. I kind of like that though.

Now Lady Gaga makes me feel like this.

Thoughts, diamonds?


31 Responses to “MCDONALDS MUSIC.”

  1. Diego Ego Says:

    Its true, she fills spaces were we think we “need” to fill, even though we are enough to do it ourselves by the things or people we really love. But I think she doesn’t meant it, shes just as empty like us, and it comes naturally from the inside of her…

  2. Marina Diamond Says:


  3. seven0x7jadore Says:

    i used to tell people that i liked lady gaga because it was so bad that it was good. now ive found that i like lady gaga because i genuinely & truly like lady gaga. although her music should seem empty and senseless to me, it doesn't, and i might even go as far as to say that i think its genius. what kind of genius, i can't put my finger on, but it's there.

  4. Scarlett Says:

    I have to admit, I was intrigued by Gaga from the start… as soon as I heard about her through Perez I was interested. It probably wasn’t until I started to hear more of her songs that I fell in love. I too believe she is the closest thing we’ve had to Madonna in some time. I am a HUGE Madonna fan, so when I started to say that to my friends they were like “wow”… After seeing Gaga live I was inspired. She has innovation; she is an artist. She is not just a poptart like Britney Spears or the other blonde ambition tour who have all fought for the coveted thrown that Madonna now possesses.

    I agree, she is a genius. You can tell she is thinking. She crosses the line with confidence instead of coyly like others in the past. I love her.

  5. Ryan Says:

    I have no qualms about empty, paint-by-numbers pop so long as it is good pop of that variety. To whit, I’ve always loved (idolized?) Kylie, who isn’t the standard bearer for artistic integrity.

    I like Gaga just because she is fun. There’s something so over the top that I have to think that even she thinks she is something of a joke. The album cover should be her giving a knowing wink. How can you take “Lovegame” seriously?

    I think if you take her seriously, she is a travesty. If you take her as fun, she is quite fun indeed.

    There can be “serious” pop music, but not all pop music need necessarily be serious.

  6. Marina Diamond Says:

    Variation makes the world great.

  7. Marina Diamond Says:

    Variation makes the world great.

  8. Gabriel Marchi Says:

    Hey Marina;

    is that a cover on the top of the post?

  9. Gabriel Marchi Says:

    just checked; it is! romeuu, the artist who makes the magazine, is a fellow of mine down here in brazil. (and i’m a guy who interviewd you once, haha)

  10. Marina Diamond Says:

    No way.. It was by pure chance.

  11. Robin Says:

    For a moment I can forget what Lady Ga Ga does or doesn’t stand for and admit that I really like Poker Face. It’s that big Sleazy synth sound that she has going on during the track. It’s very of the moment.

    For me its all about the music, which is what I blog about.

  12. barney. Says:

    true: she is a musical by-product of western capitalism, the world in which we live. and, i kinda love her for that. her lyrics are so unashamedly materialistic.
    and beneath it all, she actually seems like a nice person.
    also, have you seen the ‘cherry tree’ accapella version of ‘poker face’? immense.

  13. skinnyroots Says:

    I used to think Gaga was too mainstream, and I tried listening to her album and it just wouldn't work.

    But.. the songs grew on me. As skanky as the lyrics are, and as repetitive as it is, I love it. It's not very creative, but music is art.. and she's an artist.

    Although not nearly as creative/talented as you are with your song-writing, she definitely deserves fame as do you!

    The tour she's on now, she is ~*allegedly*~ "not making a dime" off of it. I was watching one of her interviews on YouTube and she's doing this tour to pay off her the excess money she owes her record company because she thought she wasn't given a big enough budget for a tour.

    ❤ you, alexander gray

  14. colm frictionfire Says:

    i have a feeling that shes pretending to be ironic to win over the indie heads as well as the general public, either way its irony and i dont care. i was glancing thru a mag in the doctors waiting area a while ago and i saw an interview and i read a bit and then realised that it was pants, didnt know at the time that she might be takin the piss with it all.

    i dont like madonna from what ive read and ‘studied'(lol?) about her after finding some intersting dirt i digged deeper. i think shes had great producers. perhaps she finds the new ‘looks’ all by herself but the with the songs she likes to change a word or 2 so she can get writing credit. apparently theres an artist who shes stole some songs from, theres a few others ive read about. i havent met her so its not right to make up my mind from what ive read but kylie is my fav pop queen!

  15. Christian Castillo Says:

    I think Lady Gaga is a bit funny yet somehow smart. Her whole ‘thing’ is based on the fact that we are all so materialistic, it’s hard not to be when you live around it. We have some of the best dressed poor class the Western world.

    It just makes me laugh inside a little that so many A-list artists copy her. Don’t get me wrong, I love Beyonce but her wardrobe for the ‘Diva’ video looks like she just went into Gaga’s trailer and took whatever she liked. Same goes for (ew) Ciara in her new video for ‘Sex love magic’ or something like that.

    The true reason I love Gaga though is because a quote Perez put of her once it went something like this – “Most artists want your money so they can buy diamonds and range rovers and fancy houses. But I, don’t really want all that. I just want your soul.” Baha, and I’ve loved her since.

  16. Christian Castillo Says:

    I think Lady Gaga is a bit funny yet somehow smart. Her whole ‘thing’ is based on the fact that we are all so materialistic, it’s hard not to be when you live around it. We have some of the best dressed poor class the Western world.

    It just makes me laugh inside a little that so many A-list artists copy her. Don’t get me wrong, I love Beyonce but her wardrobe for the ‘Diva’ video looks like she just went into Gaga’s trailer and took whatever she liked. Same goes for (ew) Ciara in her new video for ‘Sex love magic’ or something like that.

    The true reason I love Gaga though is because a quote Perez put of her once it went something like this – “Most artists want your money so they can buy diamonds and range rovers and fancy houses. But I, don’t really want all that. I just want your soul.” Baha, and I’ve loved her since.

  17. The Bubble Boy Says:

    I think you’ve got to give credit to anybody who can spark so much interest in an era when many claim “it’s all been done”.

    I’d like to think her music is a bit more sardonic than her critics give her credit for. I guess we can’t be sure til her damned Poker Face falters though.

  18. ChrisNoise Says:

    I was doing rigging work for the Pussycat Dolls in Dublin and she was doing the support slot for the night. I got to see her sound check and I was actually pretty impressed with the energy she put into it even though there was only about 30 people there in this huge empty hall.

  19. stoatmusic Says:

    I think the chorus of “Pokerface” lets the song down, it’s deadly up until that comes in.

    I have nothing else to add, I know nothing else about her apart from what I’ve read above

  20. frank Says:

    gaga is good
    and SHE IS TAKING the piss
    i think
    there is def room for her and you and eone else
    we just half to stop being so serious about wee things- x

  21. eeK! Says:

    DOG SHIT. A rant courtesy of eeK!

    Ok, so Gaga represents the gaping void that has been created via this society’s obsession with materialism. So what?

    Are you trying to say that Gaga is some sort of modern art exhibition that we’re all seemingly supposed to gawp at like retards? Then after we’ve stood around looking dumb for long enough we proceed to concoct a ridiculous interpretation as to what the ‘art’ piece in question is attempting to demonstrate? Shit, I can get that at Tate thanks. I’ll pass. I don’t need another piece of useless pop shite to subliminally tell me that this society is fucked up. I can work that out on my own.

    Gaga, she can sing pretty well. Vocally she’s alright. Most pop artists are. I mean, studio producers need at least a tad bit of vocal skill so’s that the auto-tune embellishment can work to full effect.

    If I want pop critique from a pop artist, I’ll go for someone like Eminem. But this idiotic idea that Gaga ‘represents our hollow desires’ and we should thus be thankful for it is like saying that my painting of dog shit represents dog shit in all its glory and that we should be glad that we’re being told dog shit is not nice. Wow. Round of applause.

    Gaga merely represents the fact that corporations (i.e. major record labels) are so eager to control what gets into our precious little ears that they’ll willingly splash cash on marketing just so that a mass majority of consumer types can only be preoccupied with their product for the desired time. Then they’ll release the next device of mental mind control. (shit I’m starting to sound like David Icke, forgive me). The reason why some people (mostly old people or conservative types) dislike the word ‘shit’ is usually because they have no love of the actual substance. For those of us who use the word ‘shit’ everyday is because the original denotation has been swallowed up by the metaphor. Shit shit shit. I can say it and not even think about that wod of dog crap I trod on last thursday. In other words, society has become so desensitised to ‘shit’ that these days we’d probably go out and actually buy a bag of shit if told to (by a fancy billboard or television commercial).

    Gaga (or whoever represents pop at that moment in time), regardless of ability, is shoved down the throats of the masses as a mere tactic of consolidation. Strengthen corporations, weaken individuals. With music, it can be done impreceptibly over time. To use an analogy; if there’s a 100 McDonalds in your ends, and you and your homies are peckish, and there’s no other food outlets around other than McDonalds, then you’re going to McDonalds aren’t you? We’re forcefed this shit and until the major record label system is smashed, we’re gonna keep being forcefed it.

    In conclusion, Gaga, whatever her original intention as a musician was, has now been moulded by the majors and chucked out there to ‘represent our hollow desires’ and we’re all supposed to be greatful about it? Or appreciate her and think that this is ‘what makes her good’? Fuck off. If Gaga does represent this hollow desire then 95% of her fans out there don’t realise it. They think it’s cool that they’re as materialistic and retarded as she depicts herself to be through the music. Unlike someone like Eminem, who as previously mentioned, despite being a pop artist, is well aware of the fact he is being manipulated by a major but relies on the fact he’s gonna get cunts like Bill O’Reilly to trash talk him on TV. Eminem’s new song ‘We Made You’ represents society’s ‘hollow desires’ and does it knowingly (with 95% of fans realising that it’s all a fucking joke). Rather than represent it and have no one but the 5% understand that it does like Gaga. Pop music needs more satire. All it has at the moment is catchy hooks and thundering bass lines press packaged for the dance club.

  22. Aoife B Says:

    My problem with Lady Gaga is that she actually *is* talented – she’s a musician, a good songwriter and can sing really well.

    But: it’s all covered up by this fancy, shiny, contrived veneer and as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing ‘subversive’ about that. Her whole act is as hollow as the pop culture that she’s trying to mock.

  23. davling goose Says:

    i kind of agree with Eek. Kind of and a lot less angrily.

    I’d rather not celebrate that part of society which I find most disheartening

  24. davling goose Says:

    Oh and also comparison to Madonna can’t really happen until she’s been around a bit longer and changes her style in an innovative way like Madonna has so many times. I personally can’t say I love Madonna’s music but I definitely have a huge respect for her for the fact that she’s managed to survive all this time. Like a phoenix rising from the flames, but as various animals: sometimes a bear; sometimes a car.

  25. Marina Diamond Says:

    I agree with a lot of what you say and you have given a far better/ more coherent opinion than i, however please don’t use such an abusive tone. This is my little blog and I do not want horrible angry people like you leaving essays on it.

    If i gave the impression that we should all be ‘grateful’ (and yes, it is spelled GRATEFUL, not ‘GREATFUL’ Eek) then please forgive me. Im not saying we ‘need’ this music or that we should accept it. Why do you think I entitled the fucking post ‘MCDONALDS MUSIC’? I was merely making an observation on a current pop affair, stating that I was beginning to understand why people like/ ‘get’ Gaga. Take a fucking chill pill.

    As for the Madonna comment- I mean in terms of having the whole package, ie performance, image, music, drive. o.ooooooo1% of artists break world wide so you have to give her some kind of credit for that even if you think she is a pile of shit.

  26. eeK! Says:

    I’m GRATEful for the nice pick-me-up on the spelling error. Didn’t see it.

    I love forums because despite the fact I might be speaking in the most evenhanded tone I know, it often gets misconstrued as abuse in amidst interpretation. Aaaah. The beauty of art.

    Yeah. Wicked Marina, we’ve established McDonalds Music is ostensibly a bag of shite, we’ve confirmed that the majors are corrupt, we’ve affirmed the fact that art should satire this mass lack of perception, so let’s get cracking on with the revolution shall we. 😀

    Hasta la victoria siempre.

  27. sugamichael Says:

    It is very interesting to read your opinion on GaGa, as you and Lady GaGa are my favorite ‘recent’ pop acts.

    I’ve been Lady GaGa’s fan right from the beginning, when ‘Just Dance’ hit the Web, and I can explain why: a) the song was great, b) the lyrics weren’t coming from some oh-look-at-me-i’m-hot-in-the-club-chick, but were about a real drinking-night, that I just had at that time, c) I loved the video – it was trashy and fun – just the way I like having my own parties.

    And then I watched an interview with her, where she said something like ‘You don’t have to be rich or popular to feel like a star. You should believe in what you are’. And this is such an amazing point, really. In our American Idol obsessed world, where everyone tries to tell us what to like and what to love. Lady GaGa, instead, told us: ‘you should love yourself’. I know it’s cliche, but not a lot of people remember this statement, unfortunately.

    And I don’t think GaGa’s fans (like me) take her ‘fame’-obsession too serious. Deep within we all know it’s just a game, a fake persona she uses to make her music look just a bit more interesting for the press and bloggers.

    I met her recently – she was acting weird as usual with the journalists, but when I said I was a fan and gave her a gift (you can check it here –, she completely melted down and looked like a normal 23-year-old girl, who’s just been told that what she does makes people happy.

    Anyway, even though I’m proud of what GaGa achieved so far, I don’t think that her uber-popularity (now, the real one) is necessary a good thing. But I hope she’ll play it smart and deal with in style and won’t let fame get into her head. As you just said, Marina, she is very talented in the first place, unlike most of the chart-toppers these days.

  28. eeK! Says:

    Actually, the person above has realigned my perceptions. GaGa truly is a modern genius. I mean, to coin a phrase as philosophically divine as ‘You should believe in what you are’ must have taken years of celestial meditation.

  29. sugamichael Says:

    As I said it’s a cliche-phrase, but somehow people still need to go to American Idol to hear Simon Cowel telling them if they’re any good, instead of just doing their own thing. But GaGa just did and I don’t see the problem in this.

    If you don’t like her music, eeK!, then why do you even waste your time diss(cussing) her? Why not change the subject to swine flu or something? I never talk about someone I hate.

  30. eeK! Says:

    See you’re right. I hate it so much that I NEED to do the research. I need to know what I’m actually hating. And I need to know what I’m consequently gonna be ripping apart.

    Swine flu is bollocks as well. Tally up the chances of it striking you and scientifically, it’s more likely that you’ll get hit by lightning in amidst a tornado. The pandemic that is being cooked up by the papers (even the broadsheets are getting in on it!) is quite hilarious.

    P.S. if there IS a swine flu outbreak, hate-to-say-I-told-you so will not be viable. Why? Cuz you’ll be dead.

  31. sugamichael Says:

    I know, I have a friend in Vercruz, who told me it’s all press-made scandal. So I’ll get my Mexican visa tomorrow (literally) and will be there in July.

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