Isn’t it funny how big breasts are considered sexy/ desirable in our culture though most high street shops do not stock bras bigger than a size D cup? I find this frustrating. I am a 32 on my back and a ‘____’ cup and finding it increasingly hard to find good bra.

Feel my pain here and here:

Examples of bras that my ‘type’ can buy..



Where can I go yall? i am happy for what nature gave me but where do i have to go to get a bra that doesn’t look totally heinous and like it has been made for a large vintage grannymobile.

h8 boobs yall. Where do pornstars go? Guess they dont need clothes. When they do they probs just go to Foot Locker and buy baseball caps . Wonder if they keep the shiny stickers on like all the flyboyz do.

This bra is pretty cool.


Here is a flattering photograph of me in the studio in Brighton clutching a pillow (rest ur head on it in flights). Thanks to Biff Stannard for lending me props to create this blog-themed photograph.



11 Responses to “BOOBS.”

  1. colm901 Says:

    ive always wondered if you can get other stuff made in saville row besides suits, maybe they can make you up the perfect bra. i want them to make me tshirts and jeans, maybe ill learn basic tailoring online and customise clothes to fit me better.

  2. Marina Diamond Says:

    Ok plz customise me a bra. yes? thats fine? great.

  3. katty Says:

    I share your pain!

  4. colm901 Says:

    pics please! ha but seriously, u could prob get someone in art college studying textiles to help u out. my problem is im tall and i do weightlifting. xxl fits but doesnt look great.

  5. tom Says:

    get a gossard innit

  6. JME Says:

    dont you have that wonderful store there… where exactly do you live? i wear a 32 __ and looove freya bras! try some of those on. 🙂

  7. Kya-tic Says:

    I have to get all mine off eBay… there’s an embarrassing confession. M+S are the only ones I know of that do a 30__ and I’m not forking out £300 for a bra.

  8. Marina Diamond Says:

    Totes goin tailor made. i just wont eat/ pay rent for a month.

  9. flavin Says:

    Your bra look so sexys!! 😛

  10. ashleigh Says:

    i hate granny bras. I have to get them too because of my size. I’ve never tried this site but my friend who’s a H swears by it.

    And you’re completely right about high street stores and not going over a D cup. I gaze longingly at all the pretty bras in topshop and there’s just no way i’d get in them at all!

  11. Miruna Says:

    Too bad you just checked out of Amsterdam… my wife buys at Palazzina, just behind the palace at Dam square. Plenty of really nice brands to try, Aubade, Freya, Marlies Dekkers… absolute top end. Of course, once you really know your size, the internet’s probably your best friend.

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