USA Drinking Team.

Hey Diamonds.

Thank god its finally friday. Knackered and looking forward to a whiskeyathon tonight. In reality a small part of me really just wants sit at home in my pyjamas watching reruns of eastenders from 1992 whilst ramming some kind of fat dripping pizza in my mouth.

This week has been busy. ill update you all in picture form on sunday, but only the frivolous good shit happenings obviously.
Ive been booked for lots of festivals all over the country this summer and my dream of having 50 dancers gyrating behind me (wrapped in gold-lame kanye style) is getting closer and closer.

Ive been in the studio everyday recording the album and have some exciting new music to share with you. I’ll post a new track in a week or two (if im allowed).

Also signed up to Twitter. WHAT a pile of shite. i cant un-twitter now though. Only signed up cause wanted to ‘reserve’ my damn name and now look.
I just think there’s something a bit lame about knowing what your friends are doing every second. It kind of cancels out sociability, which is terrible for me because i could go for weeks without seeing another human being and not find it odd or weird in the slightest*

(*im going to die alone.)

Here’s a picture that my producer’s kids drew of me. Squeak.


Im looking forward to nyc. Doing a little video performance for Nylon in the week then the vassar acoustic gig on the Friday. And hopefully I am going to shop til i viv-westwood-drop



Sorry for the crap blog. Just wanted to tell you guys that I like you a lot.



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