Secret diamonds gig.

Hi diamonds.

Before I step into my diamondmobile tour van to embark on tour, just wanted to do a quick catch up on the world (i know you are DYING to know). I did a secret gig a few weeks ago. 4 competition winners got to come and then about 50 friends/ hot boys and it was amazing. I chose Puregroove records as my stage and they were truly brill (check out some of the instores coming up). They’ve converted the (record) store into a bar now so now you can get drunk AND buy limited edition vinyl. Amazing.

Here were some piccies taken on the night of people NOT enjoying themselves and HATING my every move: Take note of Alan in the red cloak. What a dude. Seriously, dont cross him. He is already appointed future president of the fan club (did you know this alan…?). I LOVE IT. XX




The rest of the pics are in my photo galleries.

On to General hotness. Just some cute stuff I found last week on internetz.



Alexander McQueen luggage. Ew… but..mmm.


NB- I am too tired to finish this blog tonight. ill do a seperate one for london fashy week tomorrow. how lame am i. zzzz……….


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