In love with New York.

Hey fruitcakes

Just a quick hello! I’m in the big apple at the moment. it is rrrreal good.
Surprisingly, i have not done a lot of shopping except did buy some massive crown pendants the other day from an amazing place called Girl Props. I am a big black rapper stuck inside a white girl’s body.

All the ‘vintage’ shops are mega expensive- What the hell? Cant believe how much ppl would pay for an old dress. Grannies across the land are literally having a laugh on us right now. The thrift stores are cheap but its literally like someone has died eating too many baked beans in them and generally not an experience to be shared or recommended.

So we have been going out to loads of amazing places to eat- Food here is amazing and I would never even bother attempting to cook if i lived here. Not that i cook anything but toast when back in the uk.

Apart from eating and buying dead peoples clothes, I’ve done a bit of work too. Did a shoot for NYLON a few days ago. Super nice people and I quite enjoyed it. Except they surprised me by asking me to sing an accappella version of any cover- i chose the most unmelodic number ever. Hell!
That will be on NYLONtv soon, however it is so bad i really wouldn’t be surprised if they deleted it.
Went to see bloc party, white lies and friendly fires earlier in the week. NYC crowds are so different to london crowds.

On friday I did my first US of A show at Vassar College in the dear town of Poughkeepsie. The crowd was a dream and I just want to thank everyone there for me being wonderful and giving me a neon yellow bum bag. FANNY PACKZ R US YA’LLL.

From here onwards, I’ll be entertaining you with more HILARIOUS blogs, writing and recording the magical album.

Busy times ahead but thats the way I like it. Better than sitting on my sofa in wales watching ‘my sweet 16’ wishing that i was a teen dream star.


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