Brooklyn Parties & College Kids.

Friday I played my first ever usa show at Vassar College. I was nervous as all I had were my grade 8 piano skillz and no band/ n-sync moves. But it actually went quite smoothly. Everyone sat on the floor like it was Story Timez and i made awkward jokes about if they could see my pants etc

Say hello to a dying Marina and the Neon gold bros.


Half of Neon Gold and another one of me dying on the train back to Manhattan.


After the show we partied loads and i drank my first ‘Olde English’ Forty. Its a bottle of brown liquid which costs like 6p and gets u shit faced in 5 minutes and isn’t that what we all want and crave in life.

We also went to a weird house party in a little student village like the one from LOST. I liked it a lot. Mainly transfixed by the fact that Vassar is like 60% girls, 40% guys, 50% of which are gay AND beautiful. I bet Beyonce and her ‘Single Ladies’ vid is aired on repeat everyday throughout campus.

Saturday was my lucky day. I got taken to pretty much the best place ive been to in a year.
Its called Rubulad. It happens once a month. Its a warehouse party. Its full of glitter, crazies, Naked girls (token) and Unwashed People. They give free Kool Aid away at the bar and bowls of pasta. Also have a pee tent (which I later found out was an upside down traffic cone- My pee aim is fucking awesome and fast as lightening). They also have a human size bird cage. i could go on and on so I guess you’ll have to wait for the videos next week.

For now, here are some photos

Me + Neon goldy ❤ MA BOW.


One of the glow in the dark hallways. I mean.. This is why drugs are fucking pointless.


There was also an igloo. And a penguin.. meet Otto. He is friends with Neon gold.


There were also many symbols/ signs about bum sex and gayness. Meet Avi. He is friends with Neon gold.


here is a naked girl


Here is a horse


Here is me panicking at a disgusting fast food place “White Castle”– approximately 13 times LOWER DOWN than mcdonalds. Fucking miserable. Some meals had 4,056 calories in them. Again, video footage for proof later




“Diamond Grillz- Collect all ten!!!”

You could buy these in here. we bought two but one of them turned out to be a pair of gums and Derek was really annoyed. Hee hee.


more soon!

* All photos: Merry Webster


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